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Biceps and Triceps

Look Like a Hunk within 5 Weeks

The biceps and triceps are one of the most visible muscles on the upper part of the body. Most of the youngsters who started doing exercises from an early age concentrated on their arms. Good shaped arms are an added advantage for the handsome guys in the universities and college parties.

Biceps and Triceps
Biceps and Triceps


There is no shortcut to gain muscles. It takes long sessions of exercise and gym trainings.  However, if you are preparing yourself for some special occasion such as taking a hot girl from your college to a date, we can suggest you some tricks to grow your biceps faster and look attractive for that special occasion.

Protein is The Secret

Yes, you read it right. If you want to gain muscles faster you have to increase your daily protein intake. The daily protein should come from various lean meat items. Some of the lean meat items rich in protein is

  • Lentil Beans.
  • Chicken.
  • Fish and Turkey.

Lentil beans are especially beneficial as they carry high amount of amino acid. You can also eat eggs. But avoid the egg yolk as it increased the cholesterol in the body. Egg whites are good source of protein.

Work Out Hard

The most important part of gaining muscles is a good work out routine. A very significant note of caution is that you should never over-exercise on a particular single part of your body. This is equally true in case of your arms. It may cause serious physical injuries. It can limit the growth of your muscles. So, follow a uniform routine of exercise covering all the parts of your body. In most of the cases, bodybuilders, even the professional ones, neglected the lower part of their body. Be aware of this trend. For your biceps and triceps, you can indulge in the following exercises-

  • Bench press. This is probably the most common of the exercises all over the world.
  • Farmers walk. This is a great forearm exercise.
  • Pull ups and Push Ups.
  • Skullcrushers
  • Preacher Curls and Cable Resistance Curls.
  • Shoulder Shrugs.
  • Tricep extensions.


biceps triceps

Take limited Supplements

To gain faster muscles you can take limited amount of supplements. But whenever you opt for supplements do it under specialized supervision. In general, a combination of Creatine, Nitric Oxide ad Protein powder can work as a good supplement.

  • Creatine helps in gaining muscle faster. It also helps in gaining strength during long and tough gym sessions.
  • Nitric Oxide helps in increasing vascularity.
  • A good quality protein powder can help you to complete your protein intake goal. We can suggest you some good names in the field of protein powders such as NaNO Vapor manufactured by Muscle Tech and 100% Whey protein. These powders are available in the market in different flavors and tastes. Just choose one according to your need and taste.

Having said all these we would like to re-emphasize once again the necessity of working out daily for a prolonged period without opting for the shortcuts for a longer period.

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