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My Opinions of G4Free Portable Hammock

When I bought the G4Free hammock, I was looking for sturdy equipment that I could use on the beach as I was traveling that summer. I took it everywhere with me. I would tie it, lock it up and untie it and keep traveling.

It is a very relaxing product. Easy to carry, lightweight and does not cost a fortune at 18 bucks.

 G4Free Portable Hammock
G4Free Portable Hammock


When I would travel, I would sometimes sleep in my G4 Free hammock. I am a freelance writer and sleep on the hammock to rest or for inspiration. I would spend hours on it. It has never failed me. It’s a sturdy, heavy-duty material. Built to last.


Doesn’t matter if it’s my home or if I’m traveling, the light weightness is a great feature of the product. I wasn’t looking for a heavy luggage to carry. I travel with multiple suitcases. Thank God for this product, it’s been a lifesaver. A great equipment for relaxing.

Easy to Tie It to Trees or Poles

I’ve found it extremely easy to tie. It’s not a hassle to take it off. At times, other hammocks can be frustrating. But not G4 Free Hammock. Its Triple Interlocking makes it easier to handle the equipment. I have been quite comfortable with setting it up and taking it off. It’s a piece of cake. I really like it.

portable hammock

Waterproof Works

There are many times that I put my hammock outside and it’s raining. It gets wet but I have not noticed any damages to the fabric. The fabric is strong and quite water resistant.

Note: I would, however, recommend drying it up before packing. If your hammock has been out and it’s raining, be sure to dry it. Packing immediately sogs it up and makes the threading loose. Highly recommend doing this important step.

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