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Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

The Game Golf

This really is the new talk of the town in the golfing world. Promoted by Lee Westwood, one of may favorite golf players- I really loved The Game Golf. It’s a great technological addition to golf.

I’m a golf buff, a big one. I make sure to go to the course every week and play with my buddies. We are quite competitive. I really wanted to improve my handicap. I had been struggling on the course for years. I reached a stage where I wanted to be more then I was in golf.


the game golf

I heard about The Game Golf. Me and 4 of my buddies all bought The Game Golf. We decided to learn how to use it together. It’s been a great source of bonding for my group of friends.

Here’s how The Game Golf has really changed the way I play golf

1. I Can Finally Track My Shots

One of the biggest drawbacks in golf is measuring your progress. You can remember the sequences of your shots on each hole- unless you have a great memory. The Game Golf has changed that. With one tap of the club to the sensor on my left hip, my shot begins recording. I can go home and with the in-built program, track my shots on The Game Golf’s website.

I can see the number of shots I made on each hole. I can even compare my previous rounds on the same hole. It has really improved my game.

2. Easy to Use

Well, at first, it is a learning curve to use The Game Golf. It gets easier with practice. The first few times I used it, I made the mistake of forgetting to tap. After a few rounds, it became second nature. I now keep it on my hip and make sure to tap it. It just takes a small tap. The sensor on The Game Golf is quite sensitive. It picks up the minutest of taps. The positioning of the sensor can at times be a little uncomfortable. I’ve noticed that at times. When I take a swing, I don’t like having something hanging around my trousers. It can be distracting. The Game Golf does take a bit of getting used to.

Going home to see the day’s play is the best part. The sensor connects to the online program. I can login and the data for the day’s play shows up on its own.

3. Great Customer Service

I’ve had not had many problems with The Game Golf. The few times I did, I called the customer service. They are quite friendly. At $129, I’m getting absolutely great value. The customer service is of a really high quality.

4. Sharing Progress with Friends

Well, Golf can be a lonely game as they say. Tracking progress and comparing it to your previous rounds can be fun at first. I did that a lot. The sharing now with The Game Golf is gone on to a different level. I have a client in the different part of the world. When we meet in person, we play golf. Now, I can still play and share my rounds with him, when he is in a different part of the world. It is a great addition to Golf. This is a product that really has and will change golf. It is technology getting along with this great, traditional game.

I can share my progress on Facebook or Twitter. It is so easy to connect to social media with The Game Golf. I have never personally had such a great experience playing Golf. The Game Golf has really changed the way I play Golf.

game golf digital shot tracking system


My Recommendation:

I knew The Game Golf had a lot going for it as Lee Westwood and Graeme Mcdonald backed the product. It even has the sponsorship of the PGA. The hype required a great product. In many ways, the hype even guaranteed a great product. As it made the manufacturers work hard to build something great. I have been happy with The Game Golf, as it really has changed the way I play Golf. I highly recommend to all Golf lovers.

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