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What are The Best Ankle Guards for Volleyball

Best Ankle Guards for Volleyball

best ankle guardsIf you are a volleyball player and you are looking for some protective measures or recovering from an old injury, then you should consider wearing volleyball ankle braces. There are few different types of volleyball ankle braces available on the market. One should learn some basic aspects of different ankle braces in order to select the suitable option for him or her before choosing one.

Ankle Braces Can Prevent

It’s a wrong fact that ankle braces are only useful while recovering from injury. Regular use of ankle braces can prevent the occurrence of any injury by providing extra stability to your ankles. Injuries don’t arrive with a notice but you can certainly reduce the chances of that happening. It can take up to weeks or months to recover from a serious injury. So, wearing the right type of ankle brace might save you from a lot of pain. You should be aware of the pros and cons of different ankle braces to make the right choice. Here are some quick facts:

  • Sock Model


best ankle guards for volleyball

Simple but effective ankle braces that are designed to glide over your feet like a sock. Made from non-stretch fabric, the sock model braces are known for their durability. Sock model braces can provide perfect protection to your foot while playing. For these reasons, sock model braces are the most popular among the athletes. Sock model braces have better effectiveness on injury recovery as it can provide extra support for a loose ankle. The mechanical model may provide better protection for ankles but it does not support the loose ankle as well as the sock model.

  • Mechanical Model

These types of ankle braces more durable than the sock model due to their complex design materials. It doesn’t show as much wear & tear as the sock model. It has strap-on design that has to be wrapped around the ankle with padding. The total brace is then secured at the foot with the help of a stirrup. The only problem with mechanical model is that the plastic parts of the brace are not very comfortable compared to the sock model. On the other hand, sock model braces can be too supportive to the ankles and that may lead to some discomfort after the game. Mechanical braces provide a perfect alternative for athletes for protection during the game.

ankle guard

  • Ankle Brace with Air Cells

There are some volleyball ankle braces integrated with air-cells. Some ankle braces also have gel or other soft material inside them. These types of ankle braces are specifically designed for injury recovery. For example, a particular ankle brace design includes two shells lined with an aircell that overlaps the shells to provide extra compression and protection. The softness of the aircell can provide better comfort to injured ankle. It also increases blood circulation to the injured cells to reduce swelling. Reports suggest that use of aircell braces can bring dramatic improvement to the swelling condition of the ankle. So, this is a perfect option for people who are suffering from an ankle injury.

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